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CNN Tourists from the US, Canada, Japan and Australia can now travel to Brazil visa-free It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. Join us! For more breaking news updates follow @CNNBRK & Download our app ?
KenRoth New York In the tension between state secrecy and free expression, Australia has tilted shockingly toward the state, making it an outlier among democracies. Executive Director, Human Rights Watch @HRW
wsvn Miami / Fort Lauderdale GOOD NEWS! Beginning today, tourists from the US, Canada, Japan and Australia will no longer need a visa to visit Brazil South Florida's #1 News Station! Your 24/7 source for breaking news, @7Weather & @7SportsXtra powered by our digital team. Breaking news?
kvbeth Australia @NayukaGorrie If you think you might be coeliac, I highly recommend joining the fb group “coeliac disease in Australia”. It has 20k members & is moderated by auntys and grandmas so there is never any drama, just gluten free content. You can search vegan inside the group & lots comes up. 2018 Google @womentechmakers Scholar. Creative Tech. design+art+tech+lols @victoriauninews @stickerbabyapp +more 📡views are MINE😂
TheMurdochTimes Sydney @ABCmediawatch How does Sky News Australia "get away" with this? If you employ enough journalists, the rest of News Industry gives you a Free Pass. Oh, they'll whine about your Ethics, but like Paul Barry, they shut up after a few days. Forget and Reset. No reform on paid editorials in 30 YEARS All empires fade. The Murdoch Crime Family empire is riven with a fatal entropy, like much of the Old Media. A New Media is taking over. Edited by @DarrylMason
Bernard_Lane Sydney, Australia Australia’s universities say there is no campus free speech crisis and they remain "ever vigilant in defence of our democratic freedoms" @australian @uniaus #highereducation Roving editor, leader writer & data journalist; poetry tragic & lazy linguist. Usual disclaimers apply
jtango18 Melbourne Are any of you other Aussies getting pay cheques from NASA? I’m worried that I’ve been working for free all this time. Geek, gym junkie, occasional musician, whisky lover, rarely hatless. Engaging the Dev Community on behalf of #Azure and @MicrosoftAUDev He/Him
AusIndCentre Melbourne, Australia Event in Canberra 🎨 Contemporary Worlds: Indonesia runs between 21 June & 27 October at the National Gallery of Australia. The free exhibition showcases 20 emerging and established Indonesian artists. Details & calendar of special events: A bilateral initiative by government, universities and industry, to advance people-to-people links in science, technology, education and innovation.
QldGPSTraining Brisbane, Queensland GET INTO A GREAT DEAL. Receive 1 or 2 free months on all subscriptions. Subscribe now at Want to win a Hema Australia Road Atlas? Follow us on Twitter and Retweet this post for your chance to win. T&Cs at I design and create self paced e-learning training courses for Hema and Garmin devices/apps. Website: YouTube:
omerpraz0le Melbourne, Victoria @urdadssidepiece disclosures: I work in Australia, free dr’s appointments and PrEP is significantly subsidised so cost is less of a barrier to dr’s appointments and drug supply I came here to watch strangers yell at each other on the internet
sanvviaustralia Sydney, New South Wales Australia Price:0.00 and FREE Shipping to 185 countries, 45 days money back #hashtag3 New Arrival Halloween Aquarium Decorative Resin Skull Crawler Dragon Lizards Decoration Ornament Online Shop
hempgallery Sydney, New South Wales Our 100% hemp paper is one of our most requested and sold out products, but did you know we have paper blends as well? Available on ✈️ Free shipping over $100 to Australia & New… Hemp Gallery is an Australia based company that believes that environmentally sustainable economic development is vital for the future of our planet.
Eduspokesperson Canberra, Australia Learn about the treasures held at the National Library of Australia - there are free online learning resources for all school ages & programs for schools visiting the library #OZTeachers #Libraries The official Twitter account of the Australian Government Department of Education
CertifyCRM Queensland, Australia @EmilyFultz91 We’ve got way better chocolate in Australia, feel free to eat it all before arrival and buy some here! Try any cadbury product you can find. Salesforce training: Certified Administrator(FREE), Platform App Builder and Advanced Admin. Enrol now, study 24x7. #salesforce #trailblazers
amyriscool Chicagoland @AhmedBaba_ People in Canada, Japan, France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, and more have healthcare and education. They all seem pretty free to me. Person, Human Being, Individual, Homo Sapiens Sapiens
KodaDavidK Last day to apply for a free year of coaching, learning and development courtesy of Australia’s best businesses. Charities - this is your opportunity. Carpe Diem.
Donsvess @Abdulaziz_Ada @SBSNews So simple. The detainees would land in NZ and then simply move on to Australia because NZ refuse to change the free movement between the two countries. Result - THE BOATS START COMING AGAIN. Is Albo really that dumb that he cannot see this? Or is it pressure from Greens Owned small business (5 Newsagency outlets) for 25 years. Now retired.
SkyRacingWorld Louisville, KY Tonight's New Zealand and Australia schedule. Free PPs, live video, and in-depth news at Exclusive North American distributor of Thoroughbred horse racing from Australia, NZ, South Korea, & South Africa. Affiliated with Tabcorp/Sky Racing Australia
Create_NSW Calling all artists and arts organisations in Orange! Join Este on 4 July for a presentation on from @CreativePships’s funding programs and services, and an introduction to philanthropy and sponsorship. Register for your FREE ticket here: Create NSW is the NSW Government’s agency for arts, screen & culture. We advise, advocate and invest in creative excellence across the state.
YkatoOz @coscow17 @1JamieMcKenzie @darcy_mcrae @HandUnseen @MoFarooq9 @paulallen15 @KTHopkins Add another zero from Australia and I'll throw this in for free My user tag tells everything about me...cultural heritage - country. 🇳🇿🇦🇺 Sussex Fan, #SussexSquad #HappyFathersDayPrinceHarry
CasinosandGames GambleVille Fair Go Casino - $5 Free Chip for New Players and Tuesday Bonus 100% + 10 Free Spins Reliable #Crypto #Bitcoin Casino for #Australia, #France, USA, and most countries. I'm only selling free stuff from online casinos that don't suck. Tweeting Free Chips, No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes, Freerolls and Gambling Jokes.
scarlettbeaufor frequent flyer brisbane, did you know my dinner packages are clock free and only $1600 this month? ☆ the options are endless. caviar lover ☆ dream girl ☆ kiwi ☆ baesian ✨
stovies40 Western Australia @FOGDad60 @DharmaDumbass @csdickey @realDonaldTrump @RealSheriffJoe Same here in Australia. Only brown folk are truly targeted and media bombed as popsicleroach infestations. White visa lapsers get a free pass on this kind of hatred despite being higher in number. Observer of bees, wasps and dandelions.
essentialsmag Australia Now in the App Store & Google Play: Essentials Magazine Australia - FREE download, 3 free articles per week, $2.99 per month subscription. For foodies, chefs, winemakers, hoteliers and art lovers. Food / Wine / Art / People / Places #YoukKnowYouWantIt OFFICIAL tweets from Essentials Magazine Australia mag & website - Food / Wine / Art / People / Places
WinfriedSitte Brisbane, Australia @KleinRevd @EVERALDATLARGE @MichaelWestBiz My guess: they sell their coal at a loss to their own power stations, paying Australia zilch (including it’s gullible investors & pollies). Profit is all on the Indian power gen side with near “free” coal. Thus never ever paying royalties, dividends or taxes etc. and abandon when Zen. Architecture. Music. Soaring spirit with feet lightly touching the earth. Sometimes living mindfully. Always living compassionately.
martingeorge333 BerkshireUK/Altea Spain-Europe @_Zoe_Andrews Australia makes a small nominal charge, I think not as high as this, but it does tend to free up A&E and doctors waiting’s rooms. Don't tell me a lie And sell it as a fact I've been down that road before And I ain't goin' back. - Springsteen ‘That’s what makes us great’.
TheWomensGame Sydney A historic, free-flowing game meant there were a few takeaways from the match between Jamaica and Australia. @marissalordanic lets you know the three things we learnt. Read more 👉 #FIFAWWC #JAMAUS Women's sporting news from around Australia (plus some international) •Volunteer run •RTs not an endorsement
JebClampett Try this in America outside of the Leftist cities and the police are going to be hiding from MILITIA before this is through-we haven't bent over like England and Australia -we are still FREE PEOPLE HERE
AuSickle Melbourne Australia We are grateful to our many supporters, volunteers, donors and members. The ASCA team is here to support you. Learn more about us and free sign-up here: #ASCAlaunch #WorldSickleCellDay #WorldSickleDay An Australian initiative dedicated to people affected by Sickle Cell Disorder in Australia and beyond #SickleCell #Awareness
Spangaloo Brisbane Free Wallpaper for Phones Tablets and Desktop #Gourmet HOT Sauce #Chili #chilli #Sauces #Australia #Brisbane #Sydney #carolinareaper #Melbourne #adelaide #perth #Darwin #chilliheads #Tasmania #Hobart #Cairns #Townsville #hotsauce #nd Spangaloo is the home for Great Quality EBOOKS WE are all about promoting Authors and Books we follow back
Jocar6562 England, United Kingdom @MarioGearbox @timteachtweet @Richard43135451 @InLimboBrexit @mikegalsworthy @mrjamesob @ShelaghFogarty @Femi_Sorry @mattfrei @catherinemep @EveryCountry @BritishInEurope @BrexpatsHOV @MadeleinaKay @eddiemair @guyverhofstadt @Dr_PhilippaW Do you have the automatic right to go to Australia buy a house get a job Free health care, legal help guaranteed pension. No Post brexit we lose all these things The Tories telling people crap. Who will benefit from brexit, no one We lose all ways and pay higher taxes #brexit #Labour #tory #syknews #bbcnews It's time to call it a day and bury the project Revoke A50 and end this sorry mess
NBN_Australia Australia @BurningAnkh Hi there, you're right; our form is currently down for maintenance. Feel free to send any additional queries through using the link below. Additional works would be occurring external to the property and you'll receive a letter from nbn once you're ready to connect! ^Sian Delivering the technology and infrastructure for all Australians to realise their dreams and discover new possibilities in a connected world.
CfrankDrums Morton, MS My second family in Australia is giving away a FREE cymbal after they hit 1K subscribers on YouTube! @RedCymbals !! help me and the fam out! I play 🥁’s & tour w/ @framingthered ————————👻: @cfrank14
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hegars74 Sydney, Australia @LesleyField5 @SkySports @btsportscore @premiersportsuk @ElevenSports_UK @amazon Yet here in Australia every single game televised live with 90% also on demand and I get it all free with my phone contract!!! ex-pat Brit Evertonian living the dream in Sydney. Top Balcony veteran of the halcyon days of Walker, Walter and Tony Thomas
SocialMediaPeep Wallsend, NSW, AU, 2287 How To Access NASA's Media Library Of Videos And Images For Free - NASA has a media library full of images, sounds, and video you’re free to use however you’d like. Here's how you can access that massive library for free. Lifehacker Australia Grow your business with digital marketing Big Business Solutions. Small Business Prices
Thetenner10 the good news is #Norway is not physically daunted by #Australia and will never let #SamKerr have the free headers like #jamaica @OffsideBeet #WWC see my #AALBC #Kobo audio blog My sina soccer stream is
SoftballOz Collingwood, Melbourne Thanks to @travelodgehotel, if the @AussiePeppersMN, you win! For every victory the Peppers record in the 2019 season, Travelodge Hotels will give away one night free at any of their hotels across Australia! Terms and Conditions and entry form | The official Softball Australia twitter account. Follow us for updates on everything Softball, including Fully Loaded Softball and our national teams
MifWhy @Fieryreddragon @JustinBezanson This is me too. And this is the irony in Australia where we are currently having a nonsense "debate" about religious freedom. In this country, we need freedom FROM religion and laws to protect our secular state. I have never felt I am not free to practice my faith. Yeah, but WHY? Nurse educator, passionate about nurses knowing more.
VictorK43995989 Proud Prestonian and Lancs Lad Free kick Italy on the edge of the box. Katellen get's a yellow. One last effort, taking for ever, Brazil have won, they, Australia and Italy go through to the last 16 after Australia beat Jamaica 4 - 1 with Kerr getting the lot, congratulations to all those involved #BlockFarRight #SUTR #JC4PM #IDanielBlake. Politics and railways, not interested in anything else, this is not tinder #ResistTheRight.
GavinMoodie Toronto, Ontario 1/2 Changing Australia's higher education academic standards to read, as reported here, 'the governing body takes steps to develop and maintain an institutional environment in which freedom of speech and academic freedom is upheld and protected …' Post compulsory education +
ThereseKraemer Free Wallpaper for Phones Tablets and Desktop #Gourmet HOT Sauce #Chili #chilli #Sauces #Australia #Brisbane #Sydney #carolinareaper #Melbourne #adelaide #perth #Darwin #chilliheads #Tasmania #Hobart #Cairns #Townsville #hotsauce #nd Because I am dyslexic, I find writing a challenge, but my love of writing has inspired me to write over 37 Romance Novels
eluze0o don't forget to support women's sports and watch the #fifa2019 women's world cup - are you supporting Italy or Brazi, Jamaica or Australia rn?!!! @fuboTV free live stream if you sign up for 7 day trial!!!!! high desert priestess prophetess poëmographer . armchair astrologer & enthusiastic dancer . author of I WANTED EVERYTHING via Antilever Press
CharacterGap Winston-Salem, NC @CoachMicieli So glad it was helpful! I just gave some lectures in Australia on this very topic. All the best with your work and if you have some writings of your own feel free to share them. A.C. Reid Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University. Author, The Character Gap: How Good Are We? | Bylines @WSJ @Newsweek @Slate @dallasnews @CTmagazine
nickjonesnzer Auckland, New Zealand At a recent Auckland sexual health conference Malaysian delegates celebrated the World Health Organisation declaring their country free from congenital syphilis. Meanwhile, babies die here, in Australia, Britain and the United States. Senior reporter for the NZ Herald
foodsafetyljm UK Aurora Foods Pty Ltd — It's Vegan Gluten and Dairy Free Gelato 500 mL - vegan product recalled in Australia for undeclared milk Food safety and food integrity supply chain specialist. Keeps busy with a number of things including being a Professor, farmer, scientist, blogger and writer.
Leticia02659719 foto girl online dating and relationships free senior dating sites uk aboriginal how long have they been in australia sad quotes
thesherylralph Right where I should be! Tourists from the US, Canada, Japan and Australia can now travel to Brazil visa-free via @CNNTravel Divinely Inspired Victoriously Aware actor, author, producer, Health/AIDS activist, wife, mother, Influencer!

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