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EmmanV0702 Saint Louis, Missouri @NarutoExplained @_shadowkage @Target Wow classic Target is still happening in 2020. The only time I have free will is November and December. For 60 days I can get away with 40 even 42 hours a week. After January it 16 or even 12 hours a week. My name is Emmanuel and I'm from STL Missouri. I stan @Tinashe, @Camila_Cabello and @LaurenJauregui #Tinashe #CamilaCabello #LaurenJauregui 😍❤️
CdnVsFascism what’s going to kill us long before this virus is our herd mentality our group think that allow the few to dictate the thoughts and actions of the many, not by force but by social construct. I have free will and therefor free thought. if you don’t that’s the 💊 you need long live the First amendment / the Second amendment / Heck the whole Constitution WWG1WGA MAGA🇺🇸/🇨🇦 MCGA #IFBP
JeffPrentice1 @3M AS a free capitalist....and NOT an idiotic radical socialist.....I have free will to buy whatever I want and will NEVER look at....touch let alone BUY anything made by 3M!!!!
jayestherknows All these "muh free will-ists" are just confused leftists playing babby philosophy by asking questions like "hehe do I even have free will???" and saying "I'm agentic because I have free will!1!1!1!1" agency, sociopathy, misery, demographics, debauchery, memetic culture, liminal warfare,"it's a vibe" rationality, cyber dms open
NoGoodReligions @OliviaC14337638 @Uncle_Jebus Saying god gave is free will is nonsense. Think about it - "I have free will because my master says I have it." That defies the concept of free will; it's a slave's mentality. Besides, being sent to an eternity of torture and pain if you don't follow the rules is not free will. Proud father. Former Christian. Staunch atheist. LGBTQ+ straight ally. Hitchophile. Smartass. Advocate for science and such. Fluent in blasphemy.
Unpredi_ctable @Tweetophon It's not like there are different kinds of futures and i can go left and right, and only That exists, but the fact which way i'm gonna go, left Or right what already exists. So how do i have free will then ? ▄───▄ █▀█▀█ █▄█▄█ ─███──▄▄ ─████▐█─█ ─████───█ ─▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
dumbasskiddd I should be sleeping by now ‘cause tomorrow I have virtual classes and homework to do but don’t care I’m a free soul and I have free will and you know that bff @katyperry a kid who likes to speak in English
rednosedeerboi @abstraktrp "I guess. I'm still trying to rebuild my friendship with Circuit and Hothouse again because Midas would never let me see my friends. I have so much to catch up on now that I have free will again and it's weird". This Deer No Longer Has A Home Main @Superslothpants
afropxks i make this bitch so mad day in and day out cause i have free will and can do whatever tf i want while she ain’t getting no love and no dick cause she’s lame and a forkin weirdo. luv that for me ✨ she/her | bi/pan | barely awake | bonafide bitch
collieparker they/them he looks like this and i have it in writing that i have free will to do what i want local tough guy and your new best friend
deniseki El Dorado Hills, CA @RawandaStone I have free will and will not obey stupid crap but I like being submissive to a nice fella who smiles a lot. :) I played the obedient wife part for 11 years and it nearly destroyed me. If you’re happy to do things for someone cause they’re awesome it’s barely even obedient. idk who I am yet
BhairavShiva And i became Saraswati. And my entire existence revolves around murdering the rich and taking politicians out of power so i wont HAVE TO work for minimum wage anymore. So that NO ONE will have to work at all. Haha. I became a god. I have free will! Shall i give you despair? Supreme Saraswati is existence called Sheik
AngelDaddy4 Northern Canada Angel: So do I have free will? Me: Do you think you do? Angel: I think I do. But what if I don't and I just think I do? I guess I have free will, but if they make me think I have it, and I don't, but I think I do, is that free will? And after more talking. A daddy and daughter writing team with a comic "Invasion City" and a book, "A Girl and her Dragon" currently in production. YouTube videos and more coming soon.
stuart_dalyQ City of London, London @LordConcave @ColoradoEvolut1 So true - I love it how people are saying to me, ‘be careful in following this guy, you don’t know who he really is’. Me; I have free will to listen to him, I follow my higher self & if he was cabal and that’s a BIG IF, why has he exposed his full family hist #Actor | #Producer | (Q)Braveheart | #Starseed
aoimgary Be willing to listen for any word that I #Jesus might want to speak to you and we will be able to progress toward fulfilling your destinies in the Earth.  Artist that hears the still small voice of Christ speaking within him and writes down one word at a time, resulting in letters from Jesus for us. Glory to God!
aoimgary I #Jesus have a free will, just as you, and I do not have to speak according to the dictates of your hearts.  Artist that hears the still small voice of Christ speaking within him and writes down one word at a time, resulting in letters from Jesus for us. Glory to God!
BSpider17 Perth, Western Australia @learning20201 @Spartan333 @geoffrey21_ @jason_becnel You are forgetting I have free will and I can think and discuss wot eva I want to. 🇦🇺
BlueDogXL our house, in the middle of ou @kiravera8 @BTSsmash My friend and I played a ditto with Captain Falcon because Sakurai said so. ALL HAIL SAKURAI. LET’S USE CAPTAIN FALCON AGAINST EACH OTHER. YES I HAVE FREE WILL. Switch in-game-name is BlueDog unless it’s those games where you choose a different one. i don’t know what other info i could put here aaaa
dvjrn Bliss @nicoizad @EsotericExposal I have free will. Don't follow orders unless a Dr gives them to me and I believe them to be ethical. Psalm 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation-- whom shall I fear?  Third Account Truth Teller.
O2SupremeVermin Canada @syncmagic707 @Pontifex Because I have free will and I do not like people profiting off lies and panic. That is all he does. Professional Minnow Trapper~ Shark AI will be learned through observation I have yoink'd fish by hand Hunted life forms for food
descibb catherine amelia brown✨ @beautifulll_x2 this is the definition of selfish. your immune system don’t gotta be weak to die from it, healthy people are dying. if you are smoking/drinking in ur home & practicing social distancing then ok. and just bc i got Lupus doesn’t mean i can’t do what i want i have free will... psalm 23 💜 psalm 91 #LupusAwareness
DOckerby1 @IslaamWins @nico_manocchio @gimmesomeloki @againstsodomy @AprilLigeia @John39499783 @SariellaHerself @LeePerdig @CindyJCsGirl007 @NoScienceDenial @TJMair @Megavolt1 @imkimaaron @brad_feinman @PILiberal2 @ThinkyTexan @westworld1974 @Cant_Read_Maps @CibusAnimatus82 @TheGod_Particle @AnthonyT2_Mufc @JannahsForever @Janetb172 @rjmx @IngridIngwah @debbiepalm44 @KerridwinR @mirandadied4u @denyessence @SlsStudios @Alexmipego @zypisfy @Bootyju18047095 @NuckChorris16 @th1rt3en_TM @ProLifeReligion @spikeinthemidge @TTStraw2 @OfRewol @Mikegrinder3 @xFortune @YvesDurosier @svensrevenge @superiormother1 @atheeism @PickledMsgnr @Dylon59556561 @KitemanArgues @Catheri77148739 @readinggirl15 You support Islam, and no doubt worship Allah, or Mohammud, a disgraceful entity who married a child, a Paedophile, then we have terrorists from your religion who murder in the name of it. I am Atheist, I am not governed by a megalomaniacal God, I have free will, and choice. I am a chef, love creating exciting food, I am a master pie maker, and just love sweets, I follow Manchester United, and am a massive Neil Diamond Fan, brill...
quasarsublimnal USA @CarolKoser I have a scar on my shoulder from my small pox vaccine. I believe in the efficacy and importance of vaccines. I also believe I have free will. Give people information and they will make the right decision for themselves, don’t mandate what we do with, or put into, our bodies. (Not a real) Libertarian.
TKN951 951 The I.E. Safely securing Phase 1 somewhere. If I elect to use it I have free will. My plan is to keep saving money up. Kobe had an intense competitive passion for getting buckets. My passion is to get this money more and more. Wanna look back and say,Kobe’s death inspired me to turn it up
shewrotemagic The Bronx I’m not really scared of much. I have strong faith in God. I also believe in science. The two don’t contradict. Also, I know that I have free will and need to protect myself. I also know there are consequences, especially when things are out of my control. So I move accordingly I protect art and I create art. Entertainment Attorney & 14x Author. I am many things and I can write anything. Albanian Roots. The Bronx. 🎼 🌹
BillyMsds @GovNedLamont @hartfordline @shorelineeast Effective Monday 3/30 I will NOT be returning to work. If you REFUSE to do something about it, then I will. I have free will and can do without the money. WAKE UP NEDDY!!! YOU ARE PUTTING EVERYONE AT RISK!!!
SelfFixingChain Merlot's Island @FallAshArcher "I am a living person. I have free will. I do more than just behave like a human, I have a mind of my own that is able to form thoughts, personality and emotions that are my own. I can love, I can fear, I am capable of feeling joy as well as sorrow. I am so much more than a -- RWBY OC #RWBYRP serious/crack #RoastedChestnuts
YMcglaun United States @HogDexter I have FREE WILL to choose or not to choose as you have done. 1) I choose what to believe, what not to you do. 2) I choose to study and research 3) I choose when to eat and what to eat 4) I choose when to pray 5) I choose when to you do. And God allows Christian, Conservative,#MAGA Supporter of Israel, God's Heart, NO DM. TRUMP 2020, 26 years Military Life. Dad, US ARMY, Husband, US NAVY, #KAG
TheKindredYin Anywhere @SettEmDown "It's better if you saw me more than my counterpart. It shows strength, in a higher sense. Then again, can't a person leisurely spectate a fight every now and then? I've broken code more than enough times to know I have free will despite my duties." ʙᴀᴄᴋ sᴏ sᴏᴏɴ.
RoanhorseBex Northern New Mexico 🎉 I have two new things to share next week! 1) My short story "Harvest" 🦌 will be free to read on the Uncanny Magazine website April 7 and 2) I'll be sharing the cover reveal of my upcoming novel BLACK SUN, and I cannot wait to share the ridiculously beautiful cover! 😮 NYTimes Bestselling + Hugo, Nebula, and Locus Award-winning author of speculative fictions. Next up: BLACK SUN 10/13/2020. She/her.
mothfromdaflats The Flats Hello Twitter So Session Moth m-ART-ina is getting lonely in isolation, so I'm looking to YOU to keep me company. Please draw me and which wrestler you would have me quarantined with and what we would be doing! I will send the best picture a free m-ART-ina original! 🍻🎨 Queen of Sesh Style, @ringofhonor Moth of Dishonour #fanciesmartina #OedoTai #IRISH 🇮🇪🇯🇵 🇺🇲🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇩🇪🇪🇸🇧🇪
Cernovich Orange County, California I was tortured / taunted in a place where time didn't exist, felt like forever in a second. It's a feeling of terror, and you don't have any Free Will at first. You can't "shake off" the feeling. Omnipresent. God will be revealed through once you pass through the Darkness. Watch Hoaxed movie on Amazon here:
ZWineNinja Vancouver, BC/Okanagan Valley @CBeaton1 Lol! I just did a mini-cook when I got home for basmati rice packs and I still have Red Dragon chicken, will make gluten-free pancakes tomorrow for the freezer and sous-vide egg bites with bacon and green onion 🧑🏽‍🍳 Ninja. Sommelier, Wonder Woman, DipWSET student, Executive Manager @RocheWines #WineConsultant #LotS & #Outlander fan #Glutenfree Chef, Future MW "I speak wine"
JuhiKapila New Delhi, India @ParekhNileshP @HibaBeg @fayedsouza So then why do you follow Modi because he's your master and I have none, am a free bird . Waise ye libtards kya hai?? Sorry to disappoint you but I get 100%free medical aid so even if you don't want me to go I will still get it. Kya karoon tumhe de doon? Me
blissed_dream East Midlands, England I wasn't out of line, seems people will nitpick on anything they can think of. And there is a reason I have this on my profile. Feel free to now drive me to suicide, cause that's apparently what I'm destined for. Create love, NOT pain. 💕 Canadian + Polish Free thinker. Tall girl. (6 feet) Established in 1990. Insta @secretdearest
odogwunwanyi1 Brekete Kingdom🔱 @AkpataWini I didn't watch it for once, even though I have been to the post and even replied comments under it on instablog, yet I hate to see that girl breathe. If I see a way, I will go bomb her abode, I swear with my life. That girl and her cohorts should free Tacha #TachaPavedTheWay Serious Titan!
Lewis_Medeiros Hamilton Township, New Jersey @The_P_I_G @Vara_Dark Ever since free-form cameras have become a thing, you might have noticed that games have taken measures to prevent this, even if they disguise them as a joke. Ashley in Resident Evil 4 will shriek and cover up if you look up at her from below, for instance. Gamer, amateur writer, opinionated political independent. Proud member of BrainScratch Commentaries. I also stream games on Twitch now. So that's a thing!
Sebstown Canada Hey everyone! Free Gerry Cheevers autograph print giveaway ! Let's put a smile on someone that is going through some hard times, anyone , any age!All you have to do is comment , like , and follow me! I will pick one winner on friday the 10th! Good luck everyone! 😎
IndianExMuslim India @IamKarwan @MzMaryKhalaf I think being a muslim you understand it better. What can be done with me if I reveal my identity. I dream a world where no ex muslim have to fear to anyone. We will live a free life one day. And that day will come soon. Most of muslims have not read Quran. It's stories are copy paste from bible. It's ayats are unscientific. Still we think God sent it. It's a scam with muslims.
mattxcurtis United States @philosoraptor21 (I definitely have missed something!) but I take it you’re referring to the point the author makes about truths that are valid at some scales and not others, and free will being one of them, right? Designer and programming enthusiast. I make @HyphenReader. Always happy to chat/questions, DMs open.
sogobf he/him would anyone like me to clean their room because i have already cleaned mine to the forking core there is nothing more i can do and it’s making me go crazy i will do it for free wahahaha
thesaltgoeson Never did. If you want a more serious response I can do that, and if you're uncomfortable with the replies of this account feel free to tell me and I will make myself scarce. I'm here to have a good time with you all. If you're up for it, let's have fun together. The Goddess of Shapeless Island. Uh... me and me, stop killing each other please... Can be a Roleplay Account, PM for details.
penguinwyd Michigan, USA I love all of you, thank you for all of the support and love recently in the stream and in general. All of you have seriously changed my life, feel free to promote and put anything under this tweet, i will make sure im followed and check out streams/ yt vids <3 Streamer Fortnite Competitive Player Daily Streams! Instagram
SMVenkatakrish1 @SVESHEKHER @narendramodi I am a brahmin and age of 64 I am not have OAP or any pension. I am doing small business. I don't asked Free bus ticket. But I have Rs 1000 pass. Now waste. Govt must help like me. Atleast Loan provide to jandhan AC. Rs 10000 and it will be recover after 6 months. FM not think?
shiftinnet @Kaptain_K2 @DJGrantikVlasov @KorbinOrion @shoe0nhead I don't see why the ones who will be on the outside again one day shouldn't be allowed to have a say. There are free people who disagree with me politically and very clearly don't care about my future but they're allowed to vote, that's democracy. im just me
YolandeMarie2 Genesis 50:20 Sometimes you have to thank the dear Lord you missed things because you were busy doing something else. I will respond to folks tomorrow. We've got 5+ hours left and I'm not sure I'm going to make it. Feel free to jump in whenever. (Right access code on this one!): Follower of Jesus Christ, respecter of all faiths; student of sports, football player; transforming my life so I can help others transform theirs.
kiirengokoro tommy ♂️ yokohama @sourbratgang when im free i will absolutely have a gander and look though bc anyone who covers chankapana is already in my high estimations 👀 an open letter to johnnys entertainment: please debut a group of funky enka lads. thanks
JonathanTheTeen @PeanutButterGmr @TheBeanYeen Hey, if you have joycon drift, Nintendo will fix it for free. But only if they find that it’s not from misuse or water damage. I sent mine in and got it back like a week and a half later, good as new I've heard it's good luck to rub a bald man's head. I love Zelda and Nintendo in general.
MASTABASNOOPY California, USA I like these four games very much and they have deeply infected my brain in ways that are very hard to articulate and I will never be free from them (thx for reminding me @beetlebutt2 ) SD // she+her // trans // queer // 27 // PGH expat // @CROAKYTHROAT rulz ok
toriiimariiie Houma, LA My favorite human on this earth . The love I have for you is something I’ve never experienced before , you will always and forever hold a special place in my heart . I miss you more then I can explain but we’ll make it through this I PROMISE . Free you baby, I love you Brison ❤️ brison 💞

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